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How to lose weight with certain supplements

How can certain dietary supplements help with weight loss: green tea, guarana and bitter orange.

Green tea

  • Reduces lypogenesis
  • Enhances thermogenesis (creating heat in the body), and maximizes spent energy
  • Enhances the stimulation of brown adipose tissue, main thermogenetic regulator (maximized by synergy of caffeine and catechine polyphenols, and their interaction with noradrenaline)
  • Stops absorption of new fat
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Maximizes the usage of glucose – enhances insulin resistance and glucose tolerance
  • Green tea can stop LDL cholesterol („bad“ type) oxidation and reduce plaque accumulation in the arteries
  • Is a strong anti-oxidant
  • Has no toxicity

Advisable dosage: 200 to 300mg EGCG

How to consume:

  • Try not to drink too much of it before bed!!!
  •  Drink it before meals!


  • Caffeine-rich
  • Its main ingredient is guaranine

How does guarana caffeine work:

  • because of fatty acids in the body it releases slower (up to 6 hours) and thus ensures long-lasting energy
  • enhances physical endurance
  • affects the central neural system just like coffee, only stronger and longer
  • strengthens concentration and memory
  • has a waking up effect, and enhances the mood

Powdered guarana (capsules) has a lot stronger effect on weight loss

  • combined with caffeine and other plant substances

Bitter orange:

  • Its most active ingredient is alkaloid SYNEPHRINE:
  • enhances lipolysis and slightly blocks hunger
  • enhances thermogenesis
  • orange has other alkaloids, like octopamine, hordenine, N-methyltyramine, and tyramine
  • recent studies show that synephrine boosts up metabolism for 128 kcalper day. Doctor Maurice Larocque believes that synephrine can be a great help to people in so-called "plateau phase" of weight loss. Synephrine can enhance metabolic changes for 128 kcal without negative effects on blood pressure and the heart.
  • advisable dosage: 100 to 150 mg 2 to 3 puta per day
  • you can maximize the thermogenic effect of green tea by adding Citrus aurantium, which explains why these two are often combined in weight loss products

These combinations can always include L-Carnitine and Tonalin!
L-Carnitine's advisable daily dosage is 1000 to 1500mg, and Tonalin's 3 to 4g!!!
Diabetics and patients suffering from thyroid diseases should consult a nutritionist before taking any supplements.

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