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Kinetec for knee rehabilitation

Kinetec is a modern device for passive joint exercises, used when the knee joint has a limited movement span, most often as a result of operating procedure, but also with different contractures. After the knee surgery it is very important to gradually enhance the scope of movement, and kinetec helps with scaling as well as keeping track of the rehabilitation success.

The device works by itself, according to previously set parametres, and the patient can individually amplify or diminish the scope of movement via modern screen, as well as turn it off in case of pain. The treatment takes 30-60 minutes and is continued by individual exercises.

Kinetec rehabilitation of the knee joint after the surgery
  • anterior and posterior cruciale ligaments surgery (reconstruction)
  • meniscus surgery (meniscus stitching, meniscectomy etc.)
  • collateral ligaments surgery
  • patella surgery
  • patellofemoral ligament surgery
  • femur condyle microfractures
  • total knee replacement
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