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Lymph drainage device

Lymph is a colourless fluid composed of white blood cells and plasma. It is a product of cellular metabolism, spreading into blood flow via lymph nodes and vessels, extracting waste substances through the kidneys. Lymph vessels are very thin, and they use the energy produced by the heart to create pressure that pumps the fluid towards it, similarly to veins.

In some cases, a smaller or greater blockes in lymph drainage can occur. A smaller one happens daily, after long periods of standing or sitting.

A greater and more complex blockage happens in some diseases, after certain operating procedures, or as a result of multiple illnesses combined together. Patient experiences large swelling of a part of or entire extremity, visible to the eye and hard upon touch. In this cases lymph drainage should be conducted, consulting your physician. Special medical and cosmetic problem of the modern world are obesity and cellulite, both of which can be successfully treated with lymph drainage. It is a procedure of extracting surplus of liquid from the tissue surrounding the fat deposits. This diminishes the total amount of cellulite.

Drainage benefits the skin appearance as well. It activates the lymph flow through the lymph vessels, which collect and extract waste substances from the tissue. The device for lymph drainage uses intermittent pneumatic compression (pressotherapy); more specifically, it uses the ongoing pressure wave enabling the compressive lymph drainage. Drainage happens via compression of the big tubes filled with air – compressed air is transferred through a system of smaller tubes from the base of the device. Filling the single capsules of the big tubes in pre-programmed intervals forms a slow ascending pressure. Gentle and rhythmical pressure waves are created. The air is blown out after the end of the cycle. Pneumatic pressotherapy is perceived as a very comfortable and efficient treatment. There is a sensation of relief in the treated area. Lymph drainage device can be used in both medical and aesthetical fields.

Benefits of lymph drainage device:
  • it is a physiotherapeutical procedure focused primarily on edema, pain, and prevention
  • drugs are not used
  • pressotherapy help with healing process
  • it is a part of modern rehabilitation and regenerative care
  • lymph drainage device is more effective than manual drainage because it removes the possibility of error and negligence
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