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Detox drinks that help with weight loss

Simple detox drinks that help with weight loss:
Teas that help with weight loss are ginger, dandelion, mint, and green tea because they speed up metabolism, lower the cholesterol, and enhance detoxication, successfully regulating your weight.
Further on, a combination od lemon and jalapenos is a great help with weight loss. It purifies the digestive system and enhances detoxication. A recommended quantity is 2 tea spoons of lemon (lemon juice and crust) and 2 tea spoons of jalapenos per glass of water. You should drink 1-2 liters of this per day. Lemon is a great help with the cold and the flu, but citrus fruits are also rich in naringenin, a flavonoid with a variety of positive effects on the human body. Naringenin diminishes stacking the fat consumed in a meal, while at the same time enhancing lipolysis, lowering trigliceride and cholesterol levels and speeding up metabolism. This way it helps with weight loss in a completely natural way, so you don't have to control your appetite or carefully plan your meals. Naringenin stabilizes the amount of glucose in the body, helping with type 2 diabetes. Its powerful antioxidating skills were discovered to be similar to those of insuline.

Jalapenos also help with the immune system, enhancing vitality, speeding up metabolism, preventing cellulite, and diminishing appetite. Capsaicin from jalapenos makes the body temperature rise and has an anti-inflammatory effect, helping with digestion.

Cranberry juice also speeds up the metabolism, helping with fat burning. The juice is made in the ratio of 1:4 (4 being water). For an even better effect you can add 1 tea spoon of pectin. You should drink it before breakfast, but also before lunch and dinner, especially if your nutrition is low-protein.

When the vegetables are concerned, cabbage speeds up the metabolism and has a strong anti-oxidating effect. It even helps with stomach ulcer. To prepare the detox fluid, you must take 1 lemon, 125 g of cabbage, 25 g of celery, 250 g of pear, ginger, and half a litre of water.
Next simple detox drink is a juice rich in potassium. You should take 3 carrots, 3 celeries, few leaves of spinach and parsley. It's a great combination that even helps with extracting extra fluid from the organism, helping to remove cellulite.
For a successful weight loss, it's important to enhance fat burning natural way and ensure all the necessary nutrients for the body. This is why detox drinks are an ideal choice.  
You can also prepare a drink from spinach and parsley leaves, 3-4 carrots, a handful of walnuts, 2-3 celeries, ginger, red beet, half a cup fruit juice, and one fourth of glass of water, and drink this three times per day.
Alcoholic drinks and weight loss
Alcohol has many carbohydrates, which our bodies treat differently than the real ones. One gram of alcohol has 7 calories, while one gram of carbohydrates has only 4 calories. When we drink alcohol, our body uses the energy from the drink first, and then from carbohydrates and fats. How come alcohol has carbohydrates? The process of fermentation demands a certain amount of sugars. Dry wines have some leftover sugar that speeds the fermentation, while sweet wines have it in a much greater quantity. Some amount of sugar can be found in Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and sparkling wines (champagne).
Liquers like Amaretto, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Campari and others have a huge amount of added sugar. Spirits like vodka, rum, and whiskey have none at all. Light beer has the least amount of sugar when beers are considered.
Alcohol acts as poison in the body and gives the liver an extra reason for detoxication. It also encourages sudden sugar oscilations, especially if the drink has a great amount of sugar added. Alcohol is not recommended on an empty stomach and men can drink up to 2 glasses per day while women should drink only one.
Soft drinks equal liquid calories. They have a huge amount of sugar and almost no nutritional value.
Studies show that consummation of soft drinks leads to 60% increase in child obesity. They remove the necessary minerals from our bodies, enhance the chances of diabetes and osteoporosis, damage the dental enamel, and induce sugar cravings.
We must be careful with meat soups – when you add beef, chicken, or some other meat, all fat remains in the soup. You should also avoid adding browned flour, sour cream, lots of salt or Vegeta. Vegetables and spices need to be the basis for the soup if you want to lose weight, without noodles or dumplings. You can add garlic, chilli, curry, ginger – they enhance metabolism. Cutting the vegetables into bigger pieces will give you something to chew – don't overcook them. If you want, you can add some mushrooms.
Energy drinks
Energy drinks can have huge amounts of sugar which needs to be avoided. Some have certain stimulants like caffeine, guarana, green tea, and turine, which are even useful for weight loss in moderate quantities, but we must pay attention to nutritional values. Energy drinks are not recommended for diabetics, people with heart problems, or those ith high blood pressure.
Teas should be combined with lemon, and coffee should be drank without sugar. Also, with no milk, if possible.

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