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Carpal tunnel sindrom treatmant

Carpal syndrome happens because of mechanic irritation, trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, or some uncertain cause of inflammation. During inflammation swelling presents along with nervus medianus compression in the carpal tunnel.

Pain and shuddering is felt in the first three fingers. More difficult cases present trophic changes in the thenar. Because of vegetative fibers irritation the patient sweats profoundly and skin colour changes. Problems often enhance during the night and during volar flexion of the hand for a few minutes, or by pressing flexor retinaculum. EMG shows disturbance in nervus medianus conductivity. It is treated with non-steroid antiflogistics, and by local application of corticosteroids with prolonged duration. 

A combination of ultrasound, interferential therapy, and laser (HIRO) is advised. In more difficult cases surgery is indicated – surgical medianus decompression.

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